Adam Boyle

Flight Instructor • Flight Examiner

I'm an EASA Flight Instructor and EASA Flight Examiner in the UK, primarily covering airfields in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Certified by the Irish Aviation Authority, I conduct skill tests and proficiency checks for EASA and UK CAA licence holders.

I'm happy to fly your aircraft from your airfield, or from my base at Cambridge (EGSC).

Please drop me an email using the address above and I'd be delighted to help you.

Brexit: Guidance from the UK CAA allows EASA Flight Examiners to conduct skill tests and proficiency checks for UK licensing action until 31st December 2022. As always, non-UK Examiners cannot examine for the IMC/IR(R) or sign SEP/TMG revalidation by experience in a UK issued licence.